Monarch Moor Whips Chart
Whip Boat Length Base Type
Nor' Easter Whips
Extra Heavy Duty-(mmw nea)
to 65'* Adjustable
Heavy Duty (mmw-III) to 36'* Adjustable
Heavy Duty (mmw-II) to 30'* Adjustable
Heavy Duty (mmw-I) to 23'* Adjustable
Nor' Easter 2-Piece Whips
Heavy Duty (mmw-IIIe)
to 36' Adjustable
Heavy Duty (mmw-IIe) to 30' Adjustable
Heavy Duty (mmw-Ie) to 23' Adjustable

Pivot-A-Way Moor Whips
Xtra Heavy Duty (mmwp-nea)

to 65'* Pivot-A-Way
Heavy Duty (mmwp-III) to 36'* Pivot-A-Way
Heavy Duty (mmwp-II) to 30'* Pivot-A-Way
Mini Moor Whips
Standard Duty (mmwm-o)
to 20'*
(center cleat)
Standard Duty (mmwm-os) to 20'
(gunwale cleat)
Standard Duty (mmwm-oo) to 16' Adjustable
Mini Moor 2-Piece Whips
Standard Duty (mmwm-ose)
to 20'
(center cleat)
Sou' Easter Whips
to 18' Fixed
(SE-141) to 23'* Fixed
(SE-161) to 28'* Fixed
Sou' Easter 2-Piece Whips
to 23' Fixed
(SE-162) to 28' Fixed
Yacht Tender Whips   Adjustable
Flush Mount
Rail Mount
PWC Whip   Adjustable
The Jet Whip   Adjustable
* Oversized Whips, must be shipped by truck, all other orders shipped by UPS.

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