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The Nor' Easter Adjustable Base
The patented mooring base is unique in its design. It is adjustable and practical-yet has no moving parts . The base can be mounted on the side or top of a piling, dock or bulkhead, or underneath the dock if necessary, to meet your individual requirements. It can be adjusted to any angle accommodating different heights between the boat and dock to provide the best leverage for the whips.

The base is made of marine grade aluminum-which has a high corrosion resistance. It is finished in an orange color to give it further protection from the elements.


Bases can be mounted angled , vertical, horizontial or upside down

The Adjustable Base comes in different configurations to fit our Xtra Heavy duty, Heavy Duty, Medium duty or Stardard duty whips to fit your individual needs.

ALL MOORlNG WHIP bases are unique in their design. They are adjustable for either verticle, horizontal, or upside down (for beneath the dock) mounting,and can be installed on wood, cement, or steel surfaces .


The Warranty
All our products have a one (1) year warranty against defective workmanship, and Mooring Whips have a five (5) year limited warranty.


Pivot-A-Way Base
The New Pivot-A-Way Moor Whip Base is an innovative unit built with the same attention to quality as our traditional unit. The base swings the pole to a vertical position as it is released from the boat. Features an adjustable stop so the angle of the pole to the boat can be adjusted.

Can only be mounted horizontally, and is used with Sets I, II, III. Constructed of heavy-duty casting of Tenzalloy (for strength and good corrosion resistance). Hardware vs 18-8 stainless steel, and a rubber spring raises the pole to a vertical position.

Ideal for Sail Boats

Pivot-A-Way Base, left taut, right loose


Sou'Easter Base (Non-adjustable)

"Sou' Easter Whip" bases are made in a one-piece, heavy-duty, non adjustable unit composed of AlMag

For the budget conscious boater , the Sou'Easter Base


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